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VAS 5054A

Well, cow heart is pretty tasty! But I never much appreciated pig brains, which are a hot commodity in Germany. Or were, back when I was but a humble lieutenant. Mayhaps their tastes have changed? Probably not. lyj

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excellent idea putting one computer per village will help student and other persona seeking for info on the net!

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And for better or worse, the outcome of the global recession will be closer regulation of the world's economic and financial systems, for years to come.


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Of course, communication infrastructure is one of the first targets of any invading military force to control or destroy. Therefore, one may say, a nationwide cellular network would not survive the depredations of any military force.

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May I ask what would be the impact or the effect of having one laptop per village? As I assume these days, a lot people own their own computers.

Robert Kozma


I very much like your notion of one laptop per village. It corresponds to the work that I have been doing with the education committee of a rural village in western Kenya. See

Ram Dhurjaty

There is a company in India that enables low cost diagnostics over the Internet by enabling telemedicine.

The village based Kiosks are profitable to the operator and allow access to medical diagnostics in remote areas

The OLPC could be used to adopt this model in order to enable Telemedicine. This certainly fits under the OKPV or one kiosk per village category.

Ram Dhurjaty

The readers may be interested in the following URL which
is a "a day in the life of a village Kiosk operator" :

Ram Dhurjaty


I have had a passion for getting affordable medical devices to the bottom of the pyramid.

One of the problems in dissemination medical devices that are not appropriate (need air conditioning and a dust free environment) is that they will not survive in rugged environments. Later this year I will be testing a hand cranked defibrillator(uses a pull rope generator) in rugged areas of Brazil. The technology that is being used will be very rugged and designed to survive harsh environments and will be relatively inexpensive. I have found the XO to be a great platform for other devices because it can be powered by human inputs.Other than imaging systems, most of the cost in a medical device is in the processing platform. Some of the material such as blood pressure cuffs may be available locally, in a big city.

This platform could also allow a local Physician or assistant to confer with other physicians in a city regarding the severity of a person's condition.

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