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Douglas Keachie

I'd take it as a compliment.

The most famous "gadget" in history was the Atomic Bomb (one of the code names for the bomb during development was "the gadget"). Well, maybe that isn't the nicest thing, but when you make yours go, it will certainly have a cultural impact of similar magnitude.

Here's an idea for a electronic money maker, given the existence of Dialer types of Malware. Most of us are too lazy to disco the telco plugs or cable equivalents.

How about a box that sounds an audible alarm if our machine decides to dial out when we haven't been at the keyboard for awhile ?

Or if our machine turns itself on and then doesn't have keystrokes and then magically heads for the net ?

Just a thought for a possible sellable device that I don't see out there yet, although I haven't looked very hard.


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