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Of course, communication infrastructure is one of the first targets of any invading military force to control or destroy. Therefore, one may say, a nationwide cellular network would not survive the depredations of any military force.

Nortius Maximus

Lee, you are no doubt familiar with the expression "a wicked problem".

Your and Alan's appreciation for the elephant in the room matters. Alan's hierarchy distills the lessons I took from my survey of the Bits&Atoms outreach work. I called "Mentoring" "Follow-through", but I like Alan's term better.

The infelicity of dropping a fab lab based on stock windowing and CAD software into a village in the Indian hinterlands somewhere was apparently not on MIT folks' radar, at least at first, thought I have read a retrospective from them that did acknowledge it in passing.

It is possible that the increasing base of computer/tech types in the Indian subcontinent will lead to more mentoring, but there's a deep parallel problem.

Look at the hapticity and "toolishness" of, say, the human-powered machine tools of the Durra (near Khyber) family-run gun factories. That stuff is galaxies away from any "computer system" with which I am familiar.

It's important to keep taking a run at that fence. Maybe someday "our stuff" will at least be only a few light-years away from a treadle lathe, and still embody mutability in human service that exceeds that.

"No unpleasant surprises" and "retrospective obviousness" are implicit elements of masterable skills. You know all this; I just wanted to thank you for being vocal and thoughtful.

So, thanks.



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